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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Barbara Hambly

Author Barbara Hambly, George Alec Effinger's literary executor, is a good writer in her own right, as I discovered when I got around to reading SEARCH THE SEVEN HILLS, a historical mystery also published under the title THE QUIRINAL HILL AFFAIR. It's a historical mystery about Christians in Rome in A.D. 116. It's a very good mystery, convincing and well-researched, as good or better than, say, the one Lindsey Davis book I've read so far.

Monday, May 01, 2006

New Effinger book

Golden Gryphon Press has announced plans to publish a third GAE book. Here is the word from editor Marty Halpern:

"A third volume of George Alec Effinger's work has been sold to Marty Halpern at Golden Gryphon Press via agent Richard Curtis. The book, A THOUSAND DEATHS, will feature a collection of Effinger's "Sandor Courane" stories: the out-of-print novel, THE WOLVES OF MEMORY, plus an additional seven short stories, only one of which has been reprinted since its original publication. The book's introduction will be written by Mike Resnick, the afterword by Andrew Fox, and John Picacio will provide the full-color, wraparound cover art. "