Saturday, July 01, 2006

Marid Audran novels return to print

Two of the Marid Audran books, WHEN GRAVITY FAILS and A FIRE IN THE SUN, have been reprinted as mass market paperbacks by Orb Books. It's good to see two key novels in print.

Adrienne Martini (author of the new book HILLBILLY GOTHIC: A MEMOIR OF MADNESS AND MOTHERHOOD) also has noticed. Her blog at lists A FIRE IN THE SUN as one of her "On the Nightstand" books. Martini writes, "Effinger was one hell of a storyteller and I am thrilled by these reprints of his best books and sad that it had to be done in the first place."

Addendum: Martini wrote a long review when WHEN GRAVITY FAILS returned to print. You may read it here.


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